Sathya Sai International Organisation of Australia & PNG will conduct its Biennial Conference during Easter of 2017 at the Box Hill Town Hall, Melbourne, Victoria. Hosts and organisers are Victoria Regions East and West. The conference theme is 'Walking in His Footsteps.' The location is very convenient to public transport and Melbourne's main eastern arterial road. Conference attendees will be accommodated nearby in suitable accommodation, 10 minutes walking distance from the main conference hall. The program includes two special guest speakers from overseas, local speakers and workshops, amongst many other items. Our Chosen Footsteps will become our legacy - As devotees of Sai we become ‘Messengers of Sai.'


On behalf of the Organising Committee, we lovingly invite all Sai devotees and their families to the 2017 Sai National Conference, to be held in Melbourne from Friday 14 to Monday 17 April 2017.

The theme of the conference is “Walking in His Footsteps.” Sathya Sai Baba or Swami as we dearly call Him has left a permanent print in our hearts of His exemplary steps when He walked the earth in His physical form. His Footsteps have inspired millions of people around the world to transform their lives into ones of simplicity, purity and selflessness. With each step that we take; with all the effort we put into applying His teachings to our daily lives, we draw a step closer to our ultimate goal of realising who we are.

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Sai National Conference 2017 Theme Song

Sai National Conference 2017 - Promo

Conference Concept Paper

The Theme of this Conference - Walking in His Footsteps – dwells on the blueprint for an ideal life that Sathya Sai Baba, or Swami as we dearly call Him, laid down for us to follow; a blueprint which covers both the inward and outward journeys. Our experience of Swami and His life and teachings when He walked the earth in His beautiful physical form, has left a deep and permanent imprint on our hearts.

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