Devotees who require accommodation to be organised at the Tudor apartments or motels are requested to register as soon as possible. There are limited rooms available and these will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.


Studio rooms are all full. Family rooms are available at cost 4 x $45 = $180 per night suitable for family of 4.

Shared Accommodation

Motel rooms at the Tudor, Box Hill and family rooms are too small to have 4 individual beds. Anyone seeking ‘shared’ accommodation, other than appropriately-sized families, and who has already specified the cheaper ‘Motel’ will be reallocated to the ‘Apartments’ and will be charged the extra cost of $5 per night.
Anyone who requires shared accommodation please specify ‘Apartment’ in the Accommodation Form. This will cost $50 per night (from 14th – 17th April only).