The Theme of this Conference – Walking in His Footsteps – dwells on the blueprint for an ideal life that Sathya Sai Baba, or Swami as we dearly call Him, laid down for us to follow; a blueprint which covers both the inward and outward journeys. Our experience of Swami and His life and teachings when He walked the earth in His beautiful physical form, has left a deep and permanent imprint on our hearts.

Swami’s Life and His Footsteps – Swami has been a world teacher of unique stature. Through His teachings and the example of His life, He inspired the transformation of millions of people around the globe. From His childhood till the passing of His physical form, every incident in Swami’s life demonstrated the way that we too can make our lives exemplary. Step by step, He laid down a path for us to follow, a path that will lead us to our ultimate goal of realising our own innate Divinity. Everything He did was for our benefit and self-transformation.

Following His Footsteps –The teachings Swami gave remain as valid and available to us today as when He walked this earth. We can continue to follow in His Footsteps by imbibing and putting into practice His teachings in our daily lives. Regardless of whether we are child, youth, adult or elder, or whatever our faith may be, His teachings are relevant to all. With each step we take, with all the effort we put into applying His teachings in our daily lives, we win His Grace and we draw a step closer to our ultimate goal of realising who we are.

Now that Swami no longer walks amongst us in the physical form we must not become complacent. Now it’s perhaps a greater challenge to find Him in our hearts, to listen to Him in our hearts and to strive to accomplish the tasks He sets us. Swami wants us to transform ourselves and reflect His life; to make a difference in the world. The world desperately needs His love, His beauty and His wisdom.

Our Chosen Footsteps will become our legacy-As devotees of Sai we become ‘Messengers of Sai’. This has tremendous responsibilities as the world will judge Swami by His followers. Swami taught by example; His life was His message. If we are to continue in His Footsteps our lives should mirror His message of Love, Selflessness and Service.

Walking in His Footsteps helps us to connect more completely with Swami and as we become more attuned to Him, we begin to experience oneness in spirit with all beings, with all of creation. Swami is our loving Lord, our companion and friend. He is always with us, but it is up to us to put in the effort to make the connection.

During this conference we will explore practical tools that can be used in our daily lives to help strengthen that connection, and help us to WALK IN HIS FOOTSTEPS. We also hope to inspire and
uplift those who seek transformation and aspire to live the Message of Sai, to be instruments of LOVE, SERVICE, SELFLESSNESS and UNIVERSALITY.

Our continuing challenge is to share our joy and experience with the next generation and encourage them to WALK IN HIS FOOTSTEPS and in turn share their joy with many others after them.